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Tyre Repair Service


  1. On-the-spot Car Tire Repair: Skip the hassle of towing your vehicle or searching for a nearby service center. Our mobile service team arrives at your location promptly, saving you time and effort.On-the-spot Car Tire Repair: Skip the hassle of towing your vehicle or searching for a nearby service center. Our mobile service team arrives at your location promptly, saving you time and effort.Instead of having to tow your vehicles to a repair shop or find a nearby service center, our mobile team comes to your location, saving your time and effor
  2. This time-saving aspect is particularly valuable for busy individuals, delivery drivers, and fleet operators who cannot afford lengthy delays due to tire issue
  3. Allowing customers to know exactly what they are paying for, with no hidden charges.

New Tyre Replacement

  1. New tires provide better traction, grip, and stability on the road, especially in adverse weather conditions
  2. By providing high-quality tire brands and recommending the right type of tires for each vehicle.
  3. By investing in new tires, your customers can potentially save on frequent repairs, reduce fuel consumption.

Digital Wheel Balancing

  1. Digital wheel balancing utilizes advanced technology to identify imbalances in the wheels with greater precision
  2. Proper wheel balancing significantly reduces the wear and tear on tires and suspension components.
  3. With our digital wheel balancing service, we ensure that our customers' vehicles are operating at peak efficiency, resulting in better fuel economy.

Battery Replacement

  1. By providing a mobile service that comes directly to the customer's location, we eliminate the need for clients to tow their vehicle to a repair shop
  2. Save time as our efficient technicians will arrive at their location with a new battery, swiftly install it, and have you back on your way in no time
  3. Our trained technicians can diagnose battery issues accurately, recommend the right battery for the customer's vehicle, and provide professional installation.

Spare Tyre Change

  1. Our mobile service provides quick response times, ensuring that customers don't have to wait for a tow truck or search for help.
  2. Changing a flat tire can be a challenging and potentially dangerous task, especially for those without experience or proper tools.
  3. This proactive approach enhances road safety for both you and other road users.

Our Services

New Tire Replacement

Battery Jump Start

Battery Jump Start

Battery Replacement

Wheel Rim Restoration

Wheel Alignment

Rim Repair

Rim Replacement

Rim Polishing

Car Towing

The technician removes dents on the car using the method without painting. PDR. Car body repair. High quality photo
Car Dent Repair

Car Scratch Repair

Car Body Paint

Car Wash

Car AC Repair

Oil Change


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Book Us

  • Our call centre 2ND FLOOR OFFICEDUBAI, DUBAI +971547825049
  • Make a booking online.
  • Make a booking on WhatsApp

We Collect

  • After making the booking, our driver will arrive at a time and location of your choice. We will inspect your car and check for any faults and concerns you may have. A collection report will then be generated and sent on sms & email. If you have any concerns or enquiries, please contact customer support at +971 58 665 7318 . Please remove any valuable belongings as your car passes through multiple departments. All our staff wear face masks, gloves, and take other necessary precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We Service

  • Once the car arrives at the workshop, a service advisor is assigned and a full detailed report with images is generated again. The car is checked by the next available technician. After checking, the health check report is sent by sms & email. If needed, our parts advisors search for highest quality parts with the best prices in the market. A quotation is then generated and sent to you via sms & email to accept or reject. No work is carried out without your approval. Once we receive your decision, the parts are ordered and your car repair or service is initiated.

We Delivers

  • Once the car service is complete, it goes for a quality check, and a road test. If it fails the quality check, it gets sent back to the workshop for further diagnosis. After passing the road test, the car goes for cleaning. The insides get vacuumed and the outside gets shampooed, washed, and dried. The car goes for another quality check after the cleaning. After it passes, an invoice will be generated and a link to make the online payment gets sent to you by SMS and email. Once the invoice is paid, a driver is then assigned to deliver your car back to you. The driver will carry out a final inspection with you and generate a delivery report which will be sent to you on SMS and email

Supported Car BRANDs


Mobile Tyre Change & Fitting Service in Dubai

New Tyre Fitment:

Get your new car tyres professionally installed without leaving the comfort of your location.


Ensure your tyres are in optimal condition with our thorough inspection, giving you peace of mind on the road.

Spare Tyre Replacement:

In case of emergencies, our team can swiftly replace your flat or damaged spare tyre, getting you back on the road quickly.

Wheel Balancing:

Enjoy a smooth and balanced ride by availing our wheel balancing expertise.

Wheel Protector Installation:

Safeguard your wheels with our wheel protector installation service, maintaining their appearance and performance.

Tyre Puncture Repair:

We offer efficient puncture repair services to fix flat tyres promptly, so you can continue your journey hassle-free.